Make Great Money as a Calligrapher!
People Love Calligraphy!
They'll be amazed when they see that you can do calligraphy!
Calligraphy is in high demand. Learn calligraphy and design certificates, diplomas, name badges, wedding invitations, posters, signs, logos, greeting cards, and many other items.

Calligraphy Makes a Great Home-based Business

Here are just a few of the reasons that calligraphy is an incredible home-based business opportunity:

1. There is a huge market for calligraphy. The services of a calligrapher can be used by just about everyone who runs a business or heads up an organization. The calligrapher can produce a multitude of things from custom-designed business cards and logos, to ads, flyers, programs, and brochures, to diplomas, awards, certificates of recognition, name tags, menus and product lists. The number of things that calligraphers can do for businesses and organizations is almost endless.

Some of the places that will pay for the services of a calligrapher are: schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals, clubs, governmental agencies, civic groups, youth organizations (they like to give lots of awards), the police and fire departments (they like to give out awards too), chambers of commerce, churches, restaurants, wedding coordinators, and any businesses that provides wedding related products and services. Calligraphic designs can also be incorporated into website designs, and that opens up a huge market.

2. Calligraphy requires very little investment - the art supplies and materials are very few and relatively inexpensive. All you need is a few pens, a couple bottles of ink, and some paper. Calligraphy does not require an elaborate studio. You can do your calligraphy work right at your dining room table!

3. The calligrapher can sell a number of things to the general public. These include things like greeting cards, favorite quotations, family coats of arms, and genealogical charts (family trees).

4. In terms of printed materials, the calligrapher can market unique greeting cards, calendars, and quotations (both framed and unframed).

5. Calligraphy can be a great vocation for a person with disabilities who can see and has full use of his or her hands.

6. It is easy to learn calligraphy. Simply get started with my online correspondence course. My course will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to market your calligraphy successfully.

7. The textbook has an entire chapter (chapter 20) that describes exactly how to start and succeed in a calligraphy business.

Calligraphy can be a great home-based business. As many of my students who do other crafts such as scrapbooking have discovered, calligraphy adds extra value to their crafts.

"If you can write, I believe I can teach you can to do calligraphy!"

An Example of the Kind of Calligraphy You Can Sell


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