Tuition is FREE!
 There is no tuition for my five-lesson Mastery Course!  All you need is the textbook, a calligraphy fountain pen, and a bottle of ink. You can get these supplies for the course by clicking on the button below.


Once you have your supplies, click here to access all the lesson materials for the Mastery Course. You may work entirely on your own, contact me by e-mail to answer questions, and have me personally critique your work.

I'll answer your questions and provide help by e-mail at no charge. If you would like for me to personally critique your work, simply mail me your work or e-mail me scans of your work and and I will respond with an in-depth analysis of your work and pointers on how to improve. My fee is $40 per lesson for my critique. I accept personal checks, money orders, and credit cards for this service.

 Hidden somewhere on this website is a secret word. Find it and get a $20 discount off the cost of your first critique.

My Guarantee - If you elect to have me critique all 5 lessons and you still can't do calligraphy, I'll refund the cost of the critiques in full.

> NOTE: Supplies for my course are not expensive. They can range in price from a total of $50 to $100, depending on how many different kinds of pens you want to learn to use. One of the great things about calligraphy pens is they last for many years. I am still using pens that are over 25 years old! To see my recommended supplies CLICK HERE.)


"If you can write, you can do calligraphy!"

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